Idle Timeout w/ Angular JS

A client was concerned about keeping users on the site, and wanted a way to “shout” a call-to-action be if the user was about to leave the site. The call-to-action could be some text, or a video, or a form, the client wasn’t sure what would work.

I see this kind of thing on blogs all the time, and wondered to do it. Particularly, how do I anticipate the user leaving the site? (more…)

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AngularJS Module using Youtube API

After about 6 months of casually dabbing in AngularJS, I have learned enough to start producing useful, production-ready modules. It has been an awkward learning curve to say the least, but I have kept with it, and now would like to document a module I have created for a client. I have replaced the Youtube links used for the client with videos from The Tonight Show.

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