I finally got thecolintrio.com to a place where I feel comfortable in detailing the work I’ve done so far. For the record, I am still looking to enhance the site visually, but I’m not a designer, and thats a challenge for another day.

For starters, the website includes a custom plugin that I developed, which I am calling Show My Event. This plugin displays the shows of the band. The plugin started out as a challenge to display Facebook Events on a WordPress site. I accomplished that task, then considered the possibilities of using this Event data to boost SERP results for the Portland area. I have even figured out how to tap into filters created by the Jetpack plugin to provide relevant, rich meta tags for Social Media.

At the very least, this project has given me experience creating custom tables, adding shortcodes and custom widgets, and developing WP plugins using an object-oriented approach. Those interested can review the code for the plugin and theme* in my github account. In addition to the dev work, this opportunity us giving me a chance to renew my relationship with Google Analytics and SEO strategy, which is very rewarding to me.

I am excited to continue working with the band and undertaking the challenges of getting their music to listeners. I have known The Colin Trio for many many years, seeing first hand the meticulous craftsmanship of the three musicians. I invite all to come check out a show live. Below are links to my favorite videos.



* – Theme is a child theme of WP-Forge, a fully responsive them using Zurb’s Foundation.