I feel old when I think of the last time I did any heavy SEO work. 10 years ago, I found success with SEO efforts by just sticking to basics – create clean, structured markup, make use of TITLE attributes, have a healthy and sensible link hierarchy, and don’t be sketchy by creating hidden text or other dubious acts. Today, those fundamentals still apply, but now one can do so much more with optimization efforts. In fact, as I re-acquaint myself with SEO best practices, I am finding more and more articles like this one discussing how time consuming SEO initiatives can be. Nonetheless, no matter what my job title might be, as a front end developer, I want to know the modern SEO landscape, even if its not the main focus of my job.

What I have found the most interesting is the developments with Schema.org markup and meta tags for social media. I don’t have any particular useful insights on this stuff. But, I have found a couple of links helpful in understanding how and why to implement schema markup and other rich snippets.