/Development Adding Items to List with KnockoutJS

My last blog post presented a KnockoutJS component that toggled text into a form field. This code sample is ripped from a project I’ve been working on lately. To give context, this project is a small web application that allows administrators to edit details of a group of users.

Today I will show another component from that same project that will allow the administrator to assign items to a user using a dropdown.

Check out the Codepen

/Development Playing with KnockoutJS: Custom Bindings and Components

I love KnockoutJS! It may dirty up my HTML, but I can make things fast!

In a recent project, I was working with a listing of people, and clicking on one person displayed the details of that person to the right of the listing so that the user could edit the details of the selected person. Within the form, the client wanted to show thetext fields as clickable text – clicking the text would toggle the text into an input field. Blurring the input field would toggle the element back to text.