/Development Idle Timeout w/ Angular JS

A client was concerned about keeping users on the site, and wanted a way to “shout” a call-to-action be if the user was about to leave the site. The call-to-action could be some text, or a video, or a form, the client wasn’t sure what would work.

I see this kind of thing on blogs all the time, and wondered to do it. Particularly, how do I anticipate the user leaving the site?

/Development What Have I Been Up To? Schema.org markup and other Metadata

I feel old when I think of the last time I did any heavy SEO work. 10 years ago, I found success with SEO efforts by just sticking to basics – create clean, structured markup, make use of TITLE attributes, have a healthy and sensible link hierarchy, and don’t be sketchy by creating hidden text or other dubious acts. Today, those fundamentals still apply, but now one can do so much more with optimization efforts. In fact, as I re-acquaint myself with SEO best practices, I am finding more and more articles like this one discussing how time consuming SEO initiatives can be.

/Development Documenting the #propifyyourlife App


The purpose of the #propifyyourlife app is to present resources and images of yoga poses that promote knowledge and awareness of poses, as well as the promotion of the yoga community as a whole. More specifically, I wish to present alternative forms of practicing yoga to express my deep conviction that yoga is for every body, regardless of ability. Additionally, by building and maintaining this application, I am furthering my own knowledge of yoga and website development.

/Development Advanced DOM Manipulations

In a previous job, while working with a CMS in its infant stage, I often used jQuery to add a custom user experience to quickly satisfy a customer while giving time to the Scrum so that those features could be built in future sprints.

In one instance, a customer wanted one credit application for both individual and joint applicants.